Taking Classes – First Aid

I have been taking classes at the Red Cross for years and cannot fathom why more parents don’t do this.

If you are a single dad going for custody, this is one of the best things you can do – take extra classes. It shows the judge you are serious about being a parent in a forum where judges traditionally don’t take men very seriously. 

The first aid classes at the Red Cross are quite extensive. There are even classes for children to take. I firmly believe everyone should know the basics of first aid.

Are you really sure you would know what to do if your child was injured? Kids get hurt. It happens. What is the difference between a serious injury and one they need to walk off?

These are the questions that get answered at the Red Cross. If your child has any special medical needs at all, I am of the opinion that these classes are indispensable.

Other classes are usually available at local community colleges. Though these may vary in quality and information provided, more is always better.

I have taken the same classes again and again over the years.  Licensed health care professionals in most states are required to update and continue their education. It happens. 


You will see a number of applicable classes. Take as many as your time and budget allow. At this point, when my Spawn injures himself at football or elsewhere, I know what to do. When our Houseguest bangs his head, I know how to check for signs of a concussion.

The nice thing about all this is I don’t have to think about it or frantically search WebMD. I’ve done the training and have used it several times with major issues.

When your kids are older, take them to classes with you. The Red Cross has a babysitting class that teaches kids how to take care of other kids.

Taking these classes not only looks great in Court, but may one day help you save someone’s life.


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